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Menu Printing Ideas to Save You Money

Menu Printing Ideas to Save You Money

Running a restaurant can be hectic, especially when the seats fill and orders flood the kitchen. We’ve developed some ideas to maximize your restaurant’s menu printing potential. Every restaurant has unique requirements for menu style, finish, and many other factors.

We’ve compiled some excellent menu printing ideas that help save money!

Waterproof Menus

Every restaurant wants to save money, and waterproof menus are not cheap upfront. However, they are far more affordable when you make fewer purchases to replace them over time. Other menus experience wear and tear far easier since they can’t withstand drink spills, restless children, and messy eaters.

Additionally, in today’s world, people are more concerned about cleanliness than ever. Waterproof menus are far easier to clean since they typically handle cleaners, whereas other menus can’t be thoroughly cleaned.

Synthetic Paper Menus

If you’re looking for a menu that is diverse in appearance while still sturdy, synthetic paper menus might be the answer. The range of creativity you can bring to this menu is vast since they can be printed in full color and full bleed. Synthetic paper menus allow you to use any design you choose, making them fun and offering an opportunity to stand out against competing restaurants.

Additionally, synthetic paper menus have a better texture since they’re made of plastic, making them feel more high-end. This menu type is also easily cleaned, like waterproof menus, allowing you to stay on top of sanitizing in your restaurant.

Laminated Menus

A laminated menu offers the same benefits of durability and cleanliness as synthetic paper menus while being more cost-effective. Synthetic paper menus are made of plastic, while laminated menus are made of printed paper then sealed with heavy plastic.

Though laminated menus don’t last as long as other types, they still provide a mid-to-long-term solution. Additionally, laminated menus are far easier to clean, and the lamination can be used as binding for menus with multiple pages.

Size Matters

One of the best ways to save money on your printed menus is by changing the size. Many print shops are likely using large paper and printing more than one menu per sheet. Adjusting the size of the entire menu design to fit more pages on a printer sheet can reduce the need for more sheets. The fewer sheets necessary to print the menu, the more money you’ll save over time. You’ll want to talk to your printer about this to get an idea of what the ideal size would be.

Menu Design Matters

Black & White Menus

Although colored menus can be beautiful, having color tends to add more to your print total since more ink colors are required. A black-and-white menu might be a great option. It allows you to remain neutral with branding, and can save significant cost, especially if you change the menu frequently. Also, black-and-white menus can actually have a high-end look, when designed appropriately.

Don’t Design to the Edge

Printing to the edge of the paper, or bleeding, requires more resources and costs more money. An excellent recommendation is to consider using a white edge or border around your menu to save it from bleeding across the page. Some menu pockets will cover the border, giving the illusion that the page bleeds.

Spiral Binding

If you have a multi-page menu, it may be cheaper to have them spiral bound than saddle-stitched since you can use smaller printer sheets or fit more pages on a full size sheet. The spiral bindings allow you to use fewer printed sheets per menu, helping you save more money. Spiral binding booklets are one of the best options for multi-page menus since they are more durable and easier to use than a saddle-stitch. This is also an excellent option for happy hour or drink menus.

When you need a new menu design or print, turn to your local print shop for answers. You can discuss your needs and ideas for menu designs and types. We’ve helped dozens of restaurants in the Denton, TX  area with their menus. If you need help printing a restaurant menu, contact us today!

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