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Essential Print Marketing Materials Every New Business Needs

Essential Print Marketing Materials Every New Business Needs

Starting a business is beyond stressful, no matter the type or industry. Companies in today’s world require owners to focus on physical and digital marketing. Despite the technological world, the need to invest in print marketing materials is still a requirement. Digital marketing materials are easier to close and forget, while print materials offer a physical connection beyond the screen.

Here is a list of essential print marketing materials when starting a new business!

1. Business Cards

There’s nothing more embarrassing than having to scratch your name and number into a napkin or shred of paper. Business cards act as the fingerprint your business leaves everywhere it goes. As a new business, you’ll want to get your fingerprint to stick around anywhere you can put it. People can tell a lot about a company just by the quality and style of their business cards.

Cheap business cards are less memorable and represent a lesser quality of service or products, regardless of whether your products are the best. A business card is still one of the essential items on your print marketing checklist, making it critical to invest in good quality.

2. Marketing Brochures

One of the best ways to truly connect with your audience and deliver more in-depth information while holding attention is through marketing brochures. These print marketing materials offer a unique opportunity to dive deeply into your services or products while not boring readers. Keeping attention while delivering critical information is a great way to continue nudging prospects down the sales pipeline. You can use a marketing brochure to tell your company’s story and your dedication to solving its problems.

Marketing brochures come in different forms, such as a simple trifold style or a multi-page booklet.

3. Sell Sheets or Flyers

Networking events are still one of the best ways for business owners to connect. A flyer is one of the best print marketing materials for new businesses attending tradeshows or other events. Sheets and flyers are excellent for providing a quick synopsis of your company and the products or services you have to offer.

The best part about sell sheets and flyers is how customizable and flexible they can be, depending on what you need. There isn’t a standard font or size; they can be as small as a postcard or rack card.

4. Thank You Cards

With everything moving digital, traditional thank you cards have made a comeback. A thank you card gives people another reason to stick out and remember you and your business.

Thank you cards are applicable in almost any situation, whether honoring a referral, meeting with a new client, meeting someone at a networking event, etc. As a bonus, you can even drop some business cards with your thank you card to keep spreading brand awareness.

5. Bonus: Other Great Marketing Materials

Your print marketing materials don’t have to stop there! Many different forms of print marketing are still highly applicable today, whether your business is completely online or local. Here are just a few different ideas to consider:

  • Gummed notepads
  • Stickers
  • Magnets
  • Signs & Banners
  • Greeting Cards
  • Postcards
  • Foam Core Signs
The need for print marketing materials hasn’t diminished but instead had a shift in focus. Business cards, brochures, thank you cards, sell sheets, and flyers are still highly relevant and utilized daily. Each specific business has special requirements depending on your service or product offering. Plumbers benefit from large-format car magnets, while restaurants need printed and laminated menus.

We’d love to help with any of your new business’s design or print marketing materials. Contact us with any questions or to get started right away on your next printing project!

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